About RumbleRoller

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RumbleRoller is the result of a long-term friendship between a US manufacturing company and a motivated athlete. The manufacturing company and its owner, Mike Jastram, had years of experience building industrial parts and assemblies. The athlete, Ron Johnson, was also a skilled engineer who had successfully developed several other fitness and rehabilitation products.

What inspired Ron most was a desire to overcome the training injuries that plagued him and his friends. To that end, he spent over two decades researching and experimenting with massage and alternative therapies. It was during this period (mid-1990's) that he had his first experience with foam rollers. He appreciated how this simple device enabled him to perform his own massage, but he was less than satisfied with the results. A conventional foam roller was no match for the deep restrictions and scarring in his too-often injured body. Still, the experience planted a seed in his mind that would continue to grow.

By 2005, Ron was locked onto the idea of creating a foam roller that would work more effectively on deeper muscle tissue. But it took a few more years before the final product would take shape. Early prototypes were too difficult to produce or didn't hold up to heavy use. But in early 2009, their persistence paid off. He and Mike discovered new polymers and molding technologies that could help make their dream come true.

In May 2009, they registered the rumbleroller.com domain, and by October 2009, the first RumbleRollers were being sold.

RumbleRoller products are now distributed in over 40 countries, and are used by millions of athletes.


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